Sunday, July 4, 2010


What do you call YouTube now? As they now have the name FailTube from me for allowing such a simple HTML injection attack using comments. Seriosly how hard is it to block any HTML tags? Just don't allow the comment to be posted if it has any tags in a array. But alas YouTube will never learn will they? No? True after all they copied facebook thumbs up thumbs down style.
Many we need to call them FaceTube?

I again try not to sound like a troll, but seriosly when you copy things from facebook. Then allow such a simple attack on your comment system all we can do is laugh and mock you.

But seriosly people this makes our accounts unsafe now :( like how sa-mp got owned with a simple backdoor screwing us all over D: .

If google or anyone has a issue with my posts email me at uda dot cotton509 @ gmail dot com

- cotton509

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