Monday, July 5, 2010

BlogSpot review

Blogspot a good free blog? Read on to find out.

If you are thinking a out making a blog with Blogspot I HIGHLY recomend you do! Why you might be asking. Well for one it's FREE no strings i repeat NO STRINGS!!! You might seethe ads on the blogs and think well ain't those strings how you have ads on your blog?! Nope, those can be disabled if you don't have a google adsense account! There just there to help Blogspot and the blogger earn some cash doing what they do.

Blogspot seems like it might he it's own company, gues what it ain't. Goole bought them out so now your gmail google wave and other google acoounts can be linked. Also by having google own this site you can know and trust that your information will stay private and safe! After all google is the most trustable company of them all. They own blogspot gmail google google wave YouTube and many more services. With blogspot yo can customize how your blog looks like and upload images to your blog album.

Just incase you are wondering as far as I have seen Blogspot is NEVER down. Well that's a lie to be honest. No website has perfect uptime. Blogspot might have to go down for servicing every so often but they don't have to vey often.

Now let's get to the downsides of Blogspot. Well the main downside is the fact that you will have to make a gmail acount if you do not have one. Bt the reason for that as stated earlyer Google owns Blogspt! But don't be sad over such a simple little downside. Gmail is so much better than any email services anyone else can provide you with. Gmail will give u a unhackable email ultimate chat aplication and a amazing spam filter.

So realy that explains Blogspot. I hope you make a blog and recomend mine!

- cotton509

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