Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blogpress review!

Blogpress, is t truly worth 2.99$ on the app store? Keep one reading if you would like to find out.

Blogpress is more then a simple "wordpress" blogger. It supports many different types of blogs like blogspot and man blogs. You might hink what a big whoop all bloggers can do that. Well your wrong. Blogpress it's self is a all in one blogger with support for picasa albums YouTube, updating facebook, and Twitter.

You might still he going what a big whoop I got apps to do that. Well is u have big hands like me and many others it supports using your idevice sideways to type. Still think big whoop? Let's open up all of blogpress not just parts of it. Blogpress it's self is a huge AIO blogger app That costs 2.99$ cad / us.

Basicly for your 2.99$ your geting all these features u might find confusing. Well it ain't. Your money also paid for a nice clean GUI. Nothing fancy just q amazig one that hides all the mechanics from the user. After all show the user he mechanics and thy might grow a wrench in and break it.

Well that pretty much summed up the great things about this app. Let's get to it's flaws!

Well a simple flaw that plauges many apps from the AppStore and cydia is how the sideways keyboard isn't easy to type fast on. I constantly have to fix simple mistakes like moving a word backup into place.

I did mention that you can use your idevice sideways with this app if u have big hands like me. I didn't say it was always great though… it seems the be interupt based so sometimes when it's sideways it won't turn and u have to retilt the idevice. It's not that bad thought. Reqly those are the apps only issues TBH.

Overall I recomend this app it's not some flashy app soba giant GUI to destract you from it's crappyness. It's a small little thing and worth all the money it coated.

- cotton509

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